Raksha Bandhan II

empty classroom

Following my last post on Raksha Bandhan, I found this very interesting news item in our local paper.

It certainly throws a different complexion to the event!

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12 Responses to Raksha Bandhan II

  1. Grannymar says:

    Interesting! A way to deal with unwanted attention from the male of the species.

  2. Ursula says:

    I am not knocking it, Ramana, but it does seem a little bit of a one sided deal to me if I understand your Wiki link correctly. I am not surprised that the guys stay out of school when ‘threatened’ to be literally tied forever: “At your service, Sister”. If you think about it. and take it seriously, it’s actually quite ridiculous: You are being tied and then have to pay for the ‘pleasure’, as flattering as it may be to be chosen. Still, from a girl’s/woman’s point of you it’s great. If I’d known about this before I’d probably have recruited a whole army of brothers during my lifetime. Missed a trick there, Ramana. Still, I suppose it’s not too late: Will you send me a Mango (during the next season) if I declare you my honorary brother? No, that doesn’t work either. Because it appears that once you are my brother we have to cancel our betrothal. I knew it: Human relations are a minefield.

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  3. Anna says:

    It sobbered me up a bit. And then again the way you feel about your rakhi sister makes me think that the custom may give an opporunity for special bonds and friendships.

  4. Looney says:

    My wife has a number of Indian men at her office. Perhaps I should suggest this to her?
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