Real Life And Comics.

I am grateful to my blogger friends Holly and Kylie for the inspiration for this post.

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First, Holly’s post Location Sharing How And Why (Not)?

Next, Kylie’s post Washing Up.

I found it amazing that almost immediately after I had read and commented on the two posts, I came across the comic strips in our local newspapers.

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7 Responses to Real Life And Comics.

  1. Holly says:

    Wow! Talk about coincidence!

    That first one could have made a great illustration for my post, couldn’t it?
    Holly recently posted..Hero Tammie Jo Shults Earned Those Wings (a #WATWB Post)

  2. I never use location sharing, but as you know we have a Garmin tracker so I can see where Andy is if something happens and he doesn’t have a chance to tell me. What a bargain for peace of mind!
    “Bless Email and the Garmin
    Busy Day
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Fire Season

  3. Synchronicity.
    Secret Agent Woman recently posted..Another month down.

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