Do you ruminate?

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  1. jo(e) says:

    I’m happy to say that’s a skill I have.
    jo(e) recently posted..I’ve had the time of my life

  2. Grannymar says:

    YES! I usually have a duster or a tea towel in my hand at the time, always multitasking, I’m no sloucher! 😛
    Grannymar recently posted..Silent solace

  3. Yes. See I even have it in my name and the tiny little blog that I write.

  4. wisewebwoman says:

    YUP. Too much.

    wisewebwoman recently posted..Better than…..

  5. tammy j says:

    i just laugh delightedly at your posts.
    i will leave the ruminating to cows and grandpas.
    tammy j recently spirit?

  6. Dun-Na-Sead says:

    I prefer to lin-
    an amalgate of the old english hlyn and the scotts lyn- meaning a raging torent or a waterfall-
    as in writing music, giving concerts, teaching, keeping house (somewhat), and accompaning my other half to conferences.
    And yesterday taxes. Ouch.
    Now taxes is something to ruminate about.
    And laughter.
    Love Calvin and Hobbs.
    And your page.

  7. I love to ruminate. I’m not a grandpa, so does that mean I’m a cow? 😉
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..An Ambitious Project

  8. Cathy in NZ says:

    i spend quite a lot of time doing that – mainly because i don’t want to leave my nice warm bed on theses wintry mornings,….plus i have to rest my hand often because i’m supposed to be doing so!

  9. Holly J says:

    Huh. Here I thought “ruminate” meant “to read”! Well, I do both. 🙂
    Holly J recently posted..Rules for Blogging? NEXT TOPIC!

  10. Looney says:

    I was wondering about the etymology of Ruminate; if it had anything to do with Rum. According to The Internet, ruminate comes from a Latin word meaning to “chew over”. Since I have been accused of grinding my teeth while sleeping, and probably dreaming over something, I guess that would qualify as “ruminate”.
    Looney recently posted..Conditions of the Working Class in England in 1844, by Frederick Engels

  11. Nothing else to do but.

    One of the advantages of growing older.
    Rasheed Hooda recently posted..Good Morning

  12. Max Coutinho says:


    Hi Rummy,

    This reminds me of my mum a few years ago: I’d catch her dozing off and I’d ask “are you sleeping?”, she’d reply “No, I’m meditating” lol 🙂

    I will have time to ruminate in 15 days when I take one month off. 🙂

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Khorasan: Al-Qaeda’s SWOT Team

  13. Big John says:

    Is that the same as ‘Egyptian PT’ ? .. I do a lot of that ! … 🙂

  14. shackman says:

    rummuser certainly gives captain morgan a run for his money – and ruminating sounds much more sophisticated than napping
    shackman recently posted..I’d rather be…….

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