Seven Books That I love.

My friend Ekoshapu has thrown this challenge to me. I have to post just the image of the cover of the book every day for the next seven days to share with my readers my top seven favourite books.

I have begged off for tomorrow being already committed to the weekly 2 on 1 Friday post where Shackman and I write on the same topic.

This is my first.

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4 Responses to Seven Books That I love.

  1. Wisewebwoman says:

    Is this in French Ramana, I haven’t heard of it. I am so impressed you read French. I know you have many languages. Wow!


    • Thank heavens that you caught that before I made a bigger fool of myself. I have now changed the image to one in English. No, I don’t read French. And thank you for catching my carelessness in choosing the wrong image. I however read and somewhat understand Sanskrit and have studied the BG in the Sanskrit cum English version and keep one pocket version close at hand always.

  2. ekoshapu says:

    Thank you for taking up the challenge! I’m honored!

    And I am more honored…because, believe it or not…I had guessed right that this would be one of the books!

    The other two books I would guess are – (1) A book on Vedanta, and (2) To Kill A Mockingbird or maybe a book on Poetry.
    ekoshapu recently posted..Day 1: 7 Books I Love

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