Sometimes I Wonder…….

What a fantastic topic that Shackman has come up with for this week’s Friday 2 on 1 blog post where he and I write on the same topic. Please do go over to his blog to see his take on the subject.

Why sometimes? I wonder often about many things and right now at the beginning of our monsoon season, I wonder how something as rain drops falling on parched earth could release such a magnificent scent, yes, the petrichor never fails to release a sense of awe and wonder in me. I have searched high and low to get that in a perfume bottle or spray without any success. And sadly enough, it becomes just a memory till the monsoon is over and the earth dries up again and another unseasonal shower revives it.

I often wonder at how fortunate I have been in my life considering that as a teenager I was given up my extended family as being a nogoodnik with no prospects for the future.  There were just two relatives, besides my mother who had faith that I will do well.  It eventually turned out that I did well, very well indeed, much to the surprise of many and shock of some. The main reason that I am a total believer in the theory of karma.

Every time some one from my long forgotten past pops up to renew contact on facebook or WhatsApp or just telephones having got my telephone number from a mutual acquaintance, I wonder what makes for such affection that wants to renew contact. I also wonder when something triggers a memory and I try and locate someone from my past to renew the contact again.

Another wonder in my life just now is the latest addition to our family. Koko a blind dog who came into our home three weeks ago. It never fails to amaze me as to how she uses her other senses to get along and does not appear to miss being sans eyesight. She cheerfully bangs into furniture and people but has got her bearings inside the house to a tee and can navigate very well. Every time I see her playing around, I wonder at the karma that has made her blind but also brought her into our life.  That in turn leads me to wonder about so many inexplicable situations that appear in my life for which, other than karma, I have no answers.

The biggest wonder of course in these attempts is that modern social media and the internet makes it possible to. Let me give you how I made two new friends by using exactly this modern wonder. Reading reviews of books led me to two such friends who were the reviewers. In one case, the email id was given at the end of the review and I simply had to send him a mail which led to exchanges of mails and telephone calls and today he is among my closest friends. In the other case, I had to search for his contact using the net and finally found it via Linkedin and though he has not quite become a close friend, he and I are in frequent touch on matters of mutual interest.

I often wonder how we lived without the internet in the good old days!

Earlier this week, I had gone on one of my rare outings to buy a chair for my bedroom. It was after a long time that I went to that particular part of the city and I wondered where such growth of the city will end in. The traffic was at least four times denser than what it was the last time that I had gone to that place. Our local Metro Railway is coming up in that area and once that comes, it may ease the congestion somewhat but, while the construction is going on, the road having become narrower causes for traffic jams. I wondered at the madness of modern urbanisation. I am sure that I will keep wondering about this phenomenon in the future also.

I can go on and on about the things that I wonder at or about and instead, shall end with this old favourite of mine which came to my mind immediately on getting the topic from Shackman. I hope that it will trigger as many memories for you as it did it for me listening to it after so many years.

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16 Responses to Sometimes I Wonder…….

  1. Kylie says:

    You are always warm, encouraging and wise. I’m not all surprised you are held in such affection.
    Thanks for your update on Koko, I was pleased that both of our households became two dog families at the same time. They are a constant joy, aren’t they?

  2. yes this machinery/gadgetry is certainly a way to “find” friends and then make new friends…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..start up of new book…

  3. Kaitlin says:

    I enjoyed this post. It is interesting how much the internet has changed life. And memories are funny – what comes to mind when. I wonder how Chutki and Koko are doing together.

    • Koko wants to make friends but Chutki is being nasty about it as she has lorded over, or should I say ladied over the household the past seven years and perhaps resents the new addition. Time should improve matters.

  4. shackman says:

    I intentionally did not answer any of my questions- it would have been like a dissertation LOL – and each in its ownway makes a good topic.

    The song I picked was picked for its title and content – Question. I do not recall ever hearing your selection but it is a good one

    • Mine was indeed a dissertation! Perhaps that is what we should do in the future. Take one of the wonders at a time and blog about it. Nat King Cole’s songs were among the first Western Music that I had listened to thanks to an uncle who was very fond of his songs.

  5. Wisewebwoman says:

    Great post. Wonderful how you make friends. I too am very blessed in this regard. I think being genuinely interested in others helps.

    I am so pleased about your dogs, I wondered how they were getting along.

    And the music, Nat has always been one of my faves. His voice tho!!


    • Thank you WWW. Yes, you too are blessed in the same way.

      Koko wants to make friends but Chutki is being nasty about it as she has lorded over, or should I say ladied over the household the past seven years and perhaps resents the new addition. Time should improve matters.

      Nat King Cole’s songs were among the first Western Music that I had listened to thanks to an uncle who was very fond of his songs.

  6. tammy j says:

    what a marvelous song to end this post. he was such a gentleman always.
    and never any mistaking that silky voice. no pyrotechnics… just beauty in the lyrics and melody.
    and good news of Koko’s enjoyment of her new home. I hope Chutki has accepted her now as a family member.

    • I agree in toto about Nat. While Koko is very comfortable, Chutki is being nasty to her. Her domain has been invaded! It will take a few more weeks to get Chutki to accept Koko’s overtures for friendship. It is difficult to explain to Chutki that Koko is blind!

  7. I still wonder. And I like when people put open end question out on there blog.
    Coffee is on

  8. Joared says:

    Much to wonder about. Nat King Cole recorded many songs I enjoy. Wish I could find one of his titled “Sea Breeze” — recall the beginning phrase …. “sea breeze going toward the shore … cool as a starlit night….”

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