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1. Organised-efforts by individuals, groups, and governments to help protect consumers from policies and practices that infringe consumer rights to fair business practices. Consumer protection in India is very strong for those who are willing to take the pains to … Continue reading

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Without Comment.

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Fun As Incentive – II

These things keep happening to me all the time. I call them synchronicities and others call them coincidences. Yesterday, I posted Fun As Incentive in this blog. Today, I was sent this by a well wisher. He had not read … Continue reading

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In the absence of adequate public transportation, Indians depend on private transportation in all its avatars, but most in number will be two wheelers in the form of motorcycles and scooters of all varieties of power and design. Pune, the … Continue reading

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Fatal Attraction.

In his comments on my post “Minimum Age For Marriage”, Magpie11 had this to say in part. “I was embarrassed yesterday, when returning from the metropolis on the train, to find myself being scanned by a nubile young woman diagonally … Continue reading

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Usage And Abusage.

One of my favourite reference books goes by the title of this post. The author, I am sure would not have thought of this new shocker for me. Our newspapers are frequently advertising a new Mutual Fund offering. The advertiser … Continue reading

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