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Lone Survivor.

My friend Abhaya often watches movies via satellite TV and when he sees something that he believes will appeal to me, will ask me to see it too. Lone Survivor is one such movie that he had asked me to … Continue reading

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I do not know if this ad ran or not during the Super Bowl. It was sent to me by an American of Indian origin who knows my own angst about being called a Hindu. Like the American Indian, or … Continue reading

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Wisdom From Afghanistan.

There was a student who had been studying for many years at a madrassa. He had memorized the Koran and learned all the lessons his teacher taught. One day he went to his teacher and said, “I am ready to … Continue reading

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Finally The Cat Is Out Of The Bag.

When will the USA ever learn? American engagement in Afghanistan has already outlasted the one in Vietnam. I offer this news item from the New York Times, without my comments.

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Pakistan And The Taliban

Here are two news articles which show something that has been obvious to Indians for long and only now being brought to the knowledge of the general public of the West whose tax money has been spent on Pakistan for … Continue reading

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What Have I been doing?

Recently, I have not been blogging as much as I normally do. This has been due to the turmoil that all of us went through post November 26, with telephone calls, emails, group mails, social network alerts and comments on … Continue reading

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