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Memory Trigger. 5 – TM, The Beginning.

In my post Religion Vs Spirituality you will find a new commentator Sultan.  Please do read his comments. Sultan is among my close friends. His family including his in laws and mine were very closely linked when we lived in … Continue reading

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The God Delusion.

I had posted this on my now defunct second blog. I wish to keep this on record and so am copy pasting it here. I love to spend time with young people. They stimulate my thinking process. I recently had … Continue reading

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The Calling.

Magpie 11 commented on my post THE MOST DANGEROUS STAGE IS RESPECT “…some one said there is too much Me me me…surely that is what blogging is about?” Exactly. This is a BLOG, short for Web Log, or a diary … Continue reading

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An Outraged Friend.

On Sunday, a friend who makes a monthly visit to me to let off steam and to recharge his batteries, inevitably on Sundays when he has his weekly off, came over to rant about his latest outrage. My friend, let … Continue reading

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The purpose of this post is very simple. My earlier post on ‘Hell’, has taken a life of its own and the comments and responses are showing no signs of abating. At last count, there were fifty five comments on … Continue reading

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“I returned and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, Nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet Riches to men of understanding, or yet favor to men of … Continue reading

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