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A friend has just sent me an example of legalese which he claims is the best that he has ever come across. I confess that I am also of the same opinion. After reading it, if you too are not, … Continue reading

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The Four Wives.

No, I don’t have four wives nor do I have any intentions of acquiring them any time in the future. This video must be seen first before why I post it here becomes clear. A lady friend of mine from … Continue reading

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Definition of charpoy plural charpoys :a bed used especially in India consisting of a frame strung with tapes or light rope You will see the humble charpoys in almost all rural and semi urban homes in India. On what we … Continue reading

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Lion (2016) Movie,

My children Manjiree and Ranjan insisted that I see Lion, and I am glad that they did. I would have gladly given it a miss had I depended on just the kind of publicity that it has received here. In … Continue reading

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Two important factors made me want to see this film. The first one was that it had Brett Lee, the Australian Pace Bowler acting in it, and the second as it eventually turned out was that it was produced by … Continue reading

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Ned Kelly – The Movie.

I cannot remember quite how I got persuaded to purchase a DVD of a film with Robert Duvall and Michael Caine called Second Hand Lions, but it must have been a strong recommendation from a friend. I had bought it … Continue reading

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Shorts To Work.

This article in the Guardian led me to reminisce about my two and a half years in what we called the last outpost of the British Empire in India. I was working for a British company then and posted to … Continue reading

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Language And Bureaucracy.

Jim in his blog Personal Reflections has a hilarious story. I was amused and decided to probe further and went to this story. I have a grand old lady friend called Kiki and I sent the link to her about … Continue reading

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All For A Laugh. Spin Blogger Award.

My readers with any sort of connections with Australia will love to read this very funny blog post. Having enjoyed the humour part of it, it is only fair that we read all the comments to discover that it is … Continue reading

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Australia And India.

This post is dedicated to my blogger friend Jim at Personal Reflections. The post itself has been triggered by a mail from my friend Sandeep parts of which I quote: – “Indians and Australians often have warped views of each … Continue reading

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