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What’s In A Name?

My friend Anil was recently hospitalised for a minor ailment and at the time of discharge, was asked his full name to fill out a form to generate a receipt for payment. He was asked his first name, last name … Continue reading

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Response To A Response.

Within my facebook family, I belong to a small group of people, all from an alumni group where a lot of ribbing and leg pulling goes on. I recently had an occasion to participate in one such trail of comments. … Continue reading

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Mail To The Dead. II

When I posted my Mail To The Dead last year, I thought that the mailer will somehow get to see it and stop sending further mails as I had rung up their office and had requested them to stop sending … Continue reading

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Mail To The Dead II.

I wish that my memory does not play such tricks on me, but it does. I forgot to link an earlier post to my latest Mail To The Dead post. I wish that I had given the reference to my … Continue reading

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Being Right.

One of the most satisfying feelings is to be proven right. Can you imagine anything better than being able to say “I told you so!” It is all the more satisfying when just a few days ago, I had written … Continue reading

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