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I am inspired to write this post by Rachel’s post The Day I Woke Up. For the greater part of my working life, I had to travel extensively and when I finally retired, making the odd journey for pleasure was … Continue reading

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Karma In Indian Politics.

Two days ago, I was in a car going to watch a movie with my friend, his cousin and the latter’s wife. ┬áThe cousin, a very highly qualified practicing physician, citizen of the USA, is visiting India to check on … Continue reading

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Adoption II.

My post on Adoption received some very interesting comments and I have responded to all of them to the best of my ability. It has of course come as a surprise to me that a lot of other countries also … Continue reading

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Cancer And The Inevitable.

This subject is too serious not to be written about. I plead with all my readers to particularly read the link that I gave at the end of this post to an article which talks about the effectiveness of chemotherapy … Continue reading

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Modern Medicine And Caregiving.

I prefer not to write on Friday mornings as I have to post the LBC post in the evening anyway. Today is however an exception, as the topic that I want to write about just demands to be let out … Continue reading

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