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Taking risks.

My arms have been twisted by Jean from “Transforming Stress Into Personal Power” into writing on this topic. I wonder if it is because she thinks of me as a staid, risk averse person. In any case, her post is … Continue reading

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The hospital authorities and the orthopedic surgeon, ruled out surgery for my father’s fracture and discharged him from the hospital on Saturday. I have now created a hospital room in his bed room with round the clock male nursing care … Continue reading

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Quiet Desperation.

“What I really lack is to be clear in my mind what I am to do, not what I am to know, except in so far as a certain knowledge must precede every action. The thing is to understand myself, … Continue reading

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The Story Of My Life.

That friends, is the current story of my life. This post has been in the making for quite some time and when this cartoon appeared the bulb went on about the timing. Bar a few times, I have lived away … Continue reading

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What Have I been doing?

Recently, I have not been blogging as much as I normally do. This has been due to the turmoil that all of us went through post November 26, with telephone calls, emails, group mails, social network alerts and comments on … Continue reading

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