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Memory Gap.

My brother Arvind and I had not spoken to each other for a couple of weeks and so I called him up to enquire how things were with him. While chatting about various things we came to discussing our sons and their … Continue reading

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The Best Career Advice Ever.

A Guy Asked Mike Rowe For Career Advice. The Response He Got Is Something Everyone can learn from. Mike Rowe is best known as host of The Discovery Channel’s ‘Dirty Jobs’. The TV personality is hugely popular and gets a ton of … Continue reading

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Should We Have Children?

One of my young friends, recently married to a highly successful professional asked me this question while discussing some personal matters with me. I did not take even a moment to answer in the affirmative because parenting is such a … Continue reading

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The Rat Race.

“I don’t want to join the rat race. Not be enslaved by machines, bureaucracies, boredom, ugliness. I don’t want to be a moron, robot, commuter. I don’t want to become a fragment of a person. I want to do my … Continue reading

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