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My blogger friend Jody has left this comment on my post on Writers’ Block. “I was just thinking of you yesterday because I’ve begun to meditate again, and I was remembering that you have a practice that’s been going on … Continue reading

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A Week Of Questions.

Grannymar had posted these questions with her own answers and I thought that I should do the same in my blog as it certainly helps with one more topic to post! What is the best part of being a blogger, … Continue reading

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Weekly Recap – 10.

Saturday was a day of a house full of ardent animal lovers who came to finalise a program of action at the initiative of my son Ranjan who is deeply involved in this activity. For the first time, I met … Continue reading

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Modern Medicine And Caregiving.

I prefer not to write on Friday mornings as I have to post the LBC post in the evening anyway. Today is however an exception, as the topic that I want to write about just demands to be let out … Continue reading

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Some of my readers will know that exactly a month ago, I had to attend the funeral and subsequent thirteenth day ceremonies for my aunt who was the grand matriarch of our family. She was 97 and the last few … Continue reading

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The Complicated Me?

This post has been in the making for some time and finally was triggered by a recent exchange of mails between me and a very perceptive and dear friend. I hope that this is the catharsis that will bring about … Continue reading

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My Childhood – a post for Coffee Chat contest.

I have written this post to participate for the first time in Karen’s Coffee Chat contest. I was the first-born and a male. In our part of the world, that is the passport to all sorts of goodies from the … Continue reading

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