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Morbid? You Decide.

On reading my post Are You Leaving? my friend A called me up to berate me for being morbid. I do not think that my post was morbid. Morbid would be when I am obsessed with death. I am not.  It … Continue reading

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Chandru Wadhwani. RIP.

Since his wife Vimlu died three weeks ago, my friend Chandru was out of sorts and in retrospect it is now obvious that he simply gave up the will to live. After a brief illness he passed away earlier this … Continue reading

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Toxic Friend/s.

This is a rant. I want to get rid of something that has been annoying me since yesterday and I think that writing about it and sharing it with my readers may just be the thing to get it out … Continue reading

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A Bit Of Maharashtra, North India, And Urmeela.

Maharashtra is a State on the Western and Central Deccan Plateau parts of India and Pune, the city where I live is in it. Pune is located just East of Mumbai more familiar with its old English name Bombay, which … Continue reading

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I notice something strange. In my post “Late”, I inserted an obituary that I hoped will be used by my son when I pass away. That portion of the post went completely un-commented on by my readers. The comments were … Continue reading

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There Is Both Madness And Reason in ‘Love’.

“Always, there is a drop of madness in love, yet always, there is a drop of reason in madness.” – F. Nietzsche Since the recent loss of my wife, I have been trying to make sense about love, death, attachment … Continue reading

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