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Crossword Puzzles.

Since my retirement, I spend every morning reading five newspapers and solving the seven crossword puzzles that appear in them. As my family and friends say, it keeps me out of mischief. On the days that the papers do not … Continue reading

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Being a Crossword Puzzle addict has its advantages. Like realising all the time that there is a lot more to learn despite having lived for more than the proverbial three score and ten years. Yesterday taught me a new word … Continue reading

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Unmentionable Topics For TED

If you visit TED website you will find the following Mission Statement. ┬áPlease click on the image for a larger resolution. Dictionary definition of Unmentionable is: 1. Too offensive, shocking, or embarrassing to talk about or mention 2. One that … Continue reading

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Merriam – Webster gives the following meanings for the word Gentility. 1 a : the condition of belonging to the gentry b : gentlefolk, gentry 2 a (1) : decorum of conduct : courtesy (2) : attitudes or activity marked … Continue reading

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