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Theory And Practice 2 On 1 # 5.

In 1975 I was in a South Indian location as Regional Manager and I had to host a student from a College of Commerce located near by researching Management practices. The student conducted a couple of weeks of intense interviews … Continue reading

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Did School Prepare You For The Real World? 2 On 1 # 2.

What a question my fellow blogger Shackman has asked! I was an indifferent student and failed to pass the Board Examinations for the School Leaving Certificate in the first attempt and had to take the supplementary examinations to pass them … Continue reading

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Class Room.

A young friend Chinmay has posted this on his facebook page and I am amazed that things have not changed since my school days! ¬†And those were over half a century ago! I went to a ‘boys only’ school but … Continue reading

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Corporal Punishment.

Corporal punishment in schools has been banned in India since 2010. Despite the ban such punishment keeps taking place with tragic consequences which get reported in our press and there just does not seem to be any end to it. … Continue reading

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My First Memory.

My first memory is my going to a Montessori School in Chennai. I distinctly remember Mrs. Fletcher who was gentle grey haired lady who lived upstairs in the two storied mansion which had all the classes downstairs except one, for … Continue reading

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The Salt Of The Earth.

This is Shanmugham, my friend from the park. He is from Tamil Nadu and wears the traditional dress of that state; white dhoti and half sleeve shirt. He speaks the same language as my mother tongue and that is the … Continue reading

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