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Shackman and I exchanged views on my post on Accidental Connections. I think that the question and response opens up a very profound thought process calling for introspection. Shackman: “You are a regular social butterfly, my friend.” I: “Sometimes I … Continue reading

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Top Five Regrets.

A fellow alumnus from my Business School, about the same age as I am now, sent this ezine article to all his classmates via our Alumni Group Mail. Some of my classmates have already departed this world, and some of … Continue reading

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Doing Without.

To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness. -Bertrand Russell. In response to my mail about my inability to do something that I wish I could do for a friend and my unhappiness … Continue reading

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I received this mail from a ‘well wisher’ who thinks that I should live happily ever after! Equations!- This is the best I have read in a LONG time Equation 1 Human = eat + sleep + work + enjoy … Continue reading

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Small Joys Of Life.

“Many people lose small joys, in hope for the big happiness.” – Pearl S Buck. My friend Sandeep is currently away from Pune at Canada and is about to leave for the Middle East on assignment. He has posted a … Continue reading

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I was asked by a friend of mine to locate some quotations on happiness, that she could use for a lecture that she was giving to her class mates in a cookery class. As usual, I was flippant and asked … Continue reading

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Small Joys

“Many people lose small joys, in the hope for the big happiness.” – Pearl S. Buck As my regular readers know, we are a small group of friends who meet every evening at the local park for a walk or … Continue reading

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Happiness, Contentment, Simplicity and Wisdom.

“Wisdom is the reward for listening over a lifetime.” This is a story that needs to be shared to illustrate how ordinary people achieve extraordinary things and lead happy lives without having to compromise on basic values. Anna, a fairly … Continue reading

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The joy of writitng

Since long, some of my well-wishers have been urging me to blog. I did blog on some social networks and even had my own blog on a free hosting service for a while. I just could not somehow enjoy doing … Continue reading

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