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Among the very few regrets that I have is one that I could not get into any of the Indian Armed Forces due to my myopia. I have compensated for it by developing and maintaining very good friendships with some … Continue reading

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Courage And Conviction. A Book Review.

I have never reviewed a book in my blog but I suppose that there had to be a first at some point of time and what better book to review than this one. A friend who is a retired Indian … Continue reading

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Character In The Indian Armed Forces.

Here is a story that has been authenticated from impeccable sources. I thank my friend Anil for sending me this very inspiring piece of our history. After getting freedom, a meeting was organized to select the first General of the … Continue reading

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The saga of Indian armed forces.

As my readers already know, I am a great admirer of our armed forces. I have a lot of friends, currently serving as well as retired. I have also lost two very dear friends in action. I ache for them … Continue reading

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Separate Pay Commission for the Armed Forces

The rumblings started with the release of the fifth pay commission recommendations. The armed forces felt betrayed. The solution is still to be announced. Our Neta Log are too busy doing other “more important things” than to address this very … Continue reading

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Salute to the men in uniform.

The recent few days have been full of messages about the shabby send off to one of India’s genuine heroes, Field Marshall Sam Maneckshaw. There has also been considerable noise that has been raised consequent to the announcement of the … Continue reading

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