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Woolwich has become famous. Two British born converts to Islam have become famous. Imams and other Muslim leaders in Britain and other places have condemned the brutal murder of a random choice who just happened to be a soldier in … Continue reading

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Religion And Spiritualism.

In my present imposed house arrest, I often have to get into dicussions with visitors on relgion, spiritualism and philosophy. These are usually serious in tone and despite my penchant for being flippant, the atmosphere is inevitably somber. After the … Continue reading

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Cleric Put In Jail.

Maulana Noor-ul-Huda an Islamic Scholar who runs a Madrassa, was offloaded an international flight just before take off at Delhi, arrested and kept in jail for a night. This was due to a misunderstanding in overhearing the Maulana’s cellphone conversation … Continue reading

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