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Just Ask Leadership. Connections.

My blog friend Conrad led me to his friend G L Hoffman and his blog ‘What Would Dad Say.” One of GL’s posts was an interview with his friend and author Gary B Cohen. I was very impressed with the … Continue reading

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Do I Have A Chance In The USA?

My friend Jerry had posted a blog in Indiana and I had commented on it. That was the first indication that I may give serious consideration to emigrating to the USA. Later, he posted another blog about a forthcoming meeting … Continue reading

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Susan Squire, Author And Person Of Her Word.

I take my readers to my post ‘Matrimonial Commitments’ of October. If you go down the post to the comments, you will see a very clear comment from Susan Squire, the author of the book on which I had based … Continue reading

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Ground Zero Mentality.

I wonder how the rule of ‘Six degrees of separation’ responds to events that evolve due to the logic of search engines and the internet. Sometime soon, I intend experimenting to find for myself if this is really true in … Continue reading

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