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Happiness And Longevity.

As my regular readers know, my GP is a very wise old style doctor under whose care I feel very safe. Among the many reasons that he is like that to me is one fact of his always being very … Continue reading

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The Amazing Story Of Jeanne Louise Calment.

I have recently been interested in statistics / misinformation /wrong interpretation of statistics / probabilities etc, and a dear friend knowing about this interest has sent me this amazing story, obviously an extract from some article or book that I … Continue reading

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Life Is Uncertain.

I had to wait for quite some time before I could post this article on my blog. You will understand the reasons for the delay as you come to the end of the post. Cheerful Monk wrote this in her … Continue reading

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I was woken up from my siesta by a visiting friend from Mumbai. He was waiting for me in the drawing room when I came down yawning. Seeing me he said something very funny. He said, “I don’t swing that … Continue reading

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How Long Do You Wish To Live?

My niece from Delhi rang me up this morning for some information and after that was done, asked about her grand father’s well being. When I gave her the update, she said something rather appealing. She said that she prayed … Continue reading

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