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“I thought we were supposed to judge in proportion to our defects? Isn’t it the first hand experience that permits us to better judge?” The above comments are from Looney for my blog post Walk. The image that elicited this … Continue reading

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Dashed Hopes!

A friend who lives in the deep rural part of India, rang me up to find him a good Bariatrist as he was having a massive obesity problem. He tilts the scales at over 160 Kgs. I called up my … Continue reading

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The Latest Obsession.

I weigh 85 Kgs. That makes me clearly way above average Indian weight. On the other hand, I can comfortably be an American, though I am sure Shackman will give me a complex. Seriously, I can talk about India and … Continue reading

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Post Surgery Prospects.

I was chatting with my lady friend currently in the USA yesterday and she was quite concerned about my forthcoming surgery and recovery and expressed her regret that she was not in India to be of some help. I asked … Continue reading

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I Was Shot – II

There were some comments to the effect that it was a freak accident when I wrote my “I Was Shot.” post. For those skeptics who think that it is not possible for a metal button from a pair of jeans … Continue reading

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I was shot.

I had gone to my doctor’s clinic to get a prescription updated for my father. There was a patient inside the doctor’s consulting chambers and there was a father/son pair waiting in the waiting lounge. I had to wait my … Continue reading

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Good News After A Long Time.

A number of well wishers have been after me to reduce my weight. I too wish to. It simply does not seem to happen. All the resolutions that I make and keep get broken due to some reason or the … Continue reading

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