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Should We Have Children?

One of my young friends, recently married to a highly successful professional asked me this question while discussing some personal matters with me. I did not take even a moment to answer in the affirmative because parenting is such a … Continue reading

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A Father’s Tribute To Another.

This post is addressed to those of my readers who have not had the privilege of reading Conrad’s post on Fathers Day. If you will spend some time on Conrad’s post and also on the comments therein, you will see … Continue reading

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Children – II

In a comment on my post “Children”, Nitika said “I do believe I belong to my parents.” This post is inspired by her comment and is addressed to her. But of course, children who believe that they belong to their … Continue reading

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My friend K came today on his monthly visit. The topic of discussion today was on parenting. K’s last born, now eighteen lives with him. K as my readers may recollect is a divorced single parent. K’s two elder children … Continue reading

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The Empty Nest Syndrome.

“Kids aren’t ruining parents’ lives,” Dr. Gorchoff said. “It’s just that they’re making it more difficult to have enjoyable interactions together.” I came across this fascinating article which caught my eye because we went through the empty nest syndrome on … Continue reading

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When my stepmother passed away recently, I suggested to my father that he moves in with us instead of living alone. He readily agreed and is arriving tomorrow evening. Getting our home ready for his stay has been quite taxing … Continue reading

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