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Déjà Vu.

Déjà vu refers to the feeling that you have already experienced your present situation. While it is a fairly common experience for many others, for some strange reason, I have not had that kind of experiences other than just a … Continue reading

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Parched should easily qualify to be the mother of all Indian Chick Flicks. This film earned three wins and a nomination in International Film Festivals. I understand that it has not done very well at the box office in India during … Continue reading

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Demoiselle Cranes Of Khichan

Srikanth, a neighbour of my sister Padmini recently visited Khichan and shot this video. I am grateful to Srikanth for giving me permission to blog about this. He had this to say about it – “Khichan village in Rajasthan witnesses … Continue reading

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A Reward For Myself.

Thanks to Ranjan offering to stay at home and encouraging me to go out for a well deserved break, I went to see The Best Marigold Hotel, earlier this afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed the outing and the cinema was better … Continue reading

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Resurgent India.

My friends Nat/Usha and Anil/Nina were recently on a long motoring holiday in Gujarath and Rajasthan. They had an absolutely grand time as Anil has repeatedly told me on the phone and email. His latest mail adds a bit of … Continue reading

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