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Saving For Retirement.

I had published this image shared with me by Nandu in my post I am not my story. Nandu in his comments on the post said “I have emailed a pic to you ( since I can’t post here ) … Continue reading

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But For The Grace Of God……………………..

I had an occasion to attend a religious ceremony recently. It was more or less obligatory for me to attend, being the senior most elder from the father’s side, in a position to attend. There were a number of things … Continue reading

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Laugh And The World Laughs With You.

“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” ~Lord Byron I was at the local bank where there is an alcove with two desks, one each for Privileged Customers and Senior Citizens. I suppose that I qualify for both … Continue reading

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Senior Citizen Moment.

I subscribe to two weekly magazines, and eleven monthly magazines, all in English and have subscribed to one weekly and two monthly magazines for my father, all in Tamil. While I can read and write Tamil, I find the Tamil … Continue reading

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I Really Need To Change My Image.

My blogworld friend Diane decided that it was time that I had some humour in my life. This followed by my blogworld friend Tikno commenting that it was nice to see a humorous post from me, when I posted about … Continue reading

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Old Man On Porch – A Moving Newspaper Column.

There are a number of people who read my blog who will, I am sure, be happy to read a very nice article that I read today during my surfing period. Please spare some time and read it. You will … Continue reading

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