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My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures.

While I have accepted the topic as it was suggested by my fellow Friday blogger Shackman, I must straight away state that none of the pleasures that I enjoy can be called guilty, at least, not by me. I thoroughly … Continue reading

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Wisewebwoman, who I call WWW, has this very entertaining post No No Days in her blog. We exchanged comment and response as follows. Me: Every day is a no no day for me WWW! You will inevitably find me at … Continue reading

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Lasagna For Lunch.

The Jaguar Lady and Jay Ponti graced us with their presence last night and disappeared this morning. They are on their way back to the USA and we will miss them. Jay decided that Ranjan and I should be exposed … Continue reading

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What is my favourite time of the day?

As I had indicated in my Saturday’s post, this is the second post to answer the seven questions that Grannymar had asked in her meme. My favourite time of the day is easily my post lunch siesta. One of the … Continue reading

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