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Tavleen Singh On President Obama And The Taliban.

For sometime now, I have not been posting about my pet peeve – Pakistan. One after the other, whatever many of us Indians have been predicting has been happening in Pakistan and the world is now seeing Pakistan as it … Continue reading

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FPRI – A Tale Of Two Crises

I had blogged about this article three days ago, and I now find that it has disappeared from my site. Quite how that happened, I do not have a clue to. This article however is an incisive look at two … Continue reading

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The USA Overtakes India In Unpopularity!

Congratulations USA. You have just overtaken us Indians as the most unpopular nation on earth. I quote from The New York times – “Polling in Pakistan shows that a majority of Pakistanis blame America for the country’s internal violence. India … Continue reading

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Pakistani Militant Confesses.

I draw the attention of my readers to this article in the New York Times. Pakistani establishment has been accepting, denying and casting aspersions on everybody else in the world like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand. … Continue reading

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