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13th Day Ceremony.

In a clear sign of advancing senility, I clean forgot about some photographs that I had taken on the 20th of last month when I had gone to attend the 13th day ceremonies following the death of my cousin at … Continue reading

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Modern Entertainment With Grand Children

These two are Kedar 5 and Sarang 3, my grand nephews. Behind them reading, is my sister in law Shanta. The photographer is my brother Arvind. The boys were completely engrossed in a film clip being shown to them by … Continue reading

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Usage And Abusage.

One of my favourite reference books goes by the title of this post. The author, I am sure would not have thought of this new shocker for me. Our newspapers are frequently advertising a new Mutual Fund offering. The advertiser … Continue reading

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The Complicated Me?

This post has been in the making for some time and finally was triggered by a recent exchange of mails between me and a very perceptive and dear friend. I hope that this is the catharsis that will bring about … Continue reading

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