The Abused Wife – 2.

The irrepressible Nandu sent me two cartoons as response to my earlier post The Abused Wife.



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14 Responses to The Abused Wife – 2.

  1. Ursula says:

    Lipstick does not necessarily warrant a revolver. Quite the opposite. It might give you a self righteously indignant excuse to file for divorce. Yourself smelling of roses.

    Ursula recently posted..Sharp

  2. nick says:

    He he! Marriage is a wonderful arrangement really. You just have to learn to dodge the flying crockery.

  3. tammyj says:

    the green one . . . FUNNY. had me laugh out loud. right here all by myself.
    and if I was married to the first one… i’d leave home. she wouldn’t have a chance to use the three ‘weapons’.
    tammyj recently posted..let’s hear it for toes!

  4. Keith says:

    There is a lot of domestic violence over here, & personally I don’t accept any excuse for wife beating & certainly not drunkenness.
    Regards, Keith.

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