The Consumer Society.


“In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy.”
~ Ivan Illich

What a fantastic observation!

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  1. Looney says:

    True. Or at least, there is a little of both sorts of slave in me. Envy seems to me to be one of the fundamental forces of nature that is easily overlooked.
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  2. Max Coutinho says:

    Rummy, it is a brilliant observation. I have released myself from the shackles of consumerism in my teens – and I thank my mum for it.

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    • Wonderful! I really had no choice in the matter. During most of my adult working life, I lived through our experiment with socialism when things like the refrigerator was considered a luxury and we never had enough money to spare for such foolishness anyway!

  3. nick says:

    Very true. Fortunately I’m not prone to either, so by and large I consume only what I need. If there’s anything redundant or purely decorative in the house, it was probably a gift from someone else!
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  4. I rarely feel envy. When I do I figure I need to figure out what I need to do instead.

    I buy a lot of art supplies. I love Lynda Barry’s quote about creativity: “Waste time and materials.” Yep, much more fun than being envious of someone else.
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