My post The Lady Of The House elicited the comments of how fast time has flown as I had written about their wedding five years ago.

Those comments have inspired this post.

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  1. Wisewebwoman says:

    Some lovely posts here Ramana, I remember well when you first wrote about Manjiree and the changes in your life. I am so happy that you are all so blessed in each other.



  2. All I can say is time is zipping by. It’s going faster and faster.

  3. Time is such a fluid thing, running fast or slow to each person according to their internal state.

  4. tammy j says:

    it’s an amazing phenomenon really. the sense of time.
    my days are lovely. some are long and some are short!
    but the years? I seem to mark each one now by Christmases. LOL! why?
    I don’t know. my mother loved Christmas. maybe that’s why.
    I just said to the marine yesterday… this will be my third Christmas at Safe Harbor. 😀

  5. Kaitlin says:

    Each one of those is so true!

  6. Many truths here! Secret Agent Woman, I especially love your comment on this post! Our internal state is the determining factor…

  7. shackman says:

    Time simply is – how we choose to measure it is what is ever changing.

  8. In deep meditation, I find that time has meaning ONLY when there is a change; when no change takes place, time loses meaning. Similarly, space gives me meaning only on perceptible change, without which space loses meaning.

  9. I find when you have “times when time is just right” through to “hurry up and get to the end of the period” – this second reason – a lot to do with some aspects of my life right now!

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