Twitter Trouble.

Mr Paul Chambers let off some steam by twittering about his frustration with the snow bound world around him and ended up being arrested on suspicion of being a terrorist!  Poor young man was just planning to fly to Ireland from the Robin Hood airport and see where he landed up!

We have our own Mr Chambers here in India, a suave relatively young politician who was a diplomat in the UN. He is currently a junior minister in the Central Government and belongs to the Congress Party. He is tech savvy unlike the barnacles that populate the Congress Party and has come under quite a bit of fire for his adventures on Twitter. I leave my readers with three links to see how comic the whole affair is with a man with a sense of humour and fluent in the use of English facing a Party full of self important humourless yokels.
1. Holy Cow
2. Cattle Class
3.Visa rules.

It is a remarkable country, India is. It provides free entertainment every morning in its newspapers for people like me with a twisted sense of what is right and what is wrong. Our cartoonists like Ninan and Laxman lampoon our establishment so well that they have become icons themselves.

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