Unusual Twins.

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  1. Great video! Thanks.

  2. LooneyB says:

    I hope they don’t change as they get older and that stupid prejudice doesn’t harm their friendship. Encouraging story though
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  3. tammy j says:

    like the two little boys that age that wanted the same buzz hair cut so they could fool the teacher into thinking they were twins.
    and one black and one white. it was wonderful. as are these little darlings.
    like the song says… you have to be ‘taught’ how to hate.
    thank you rummy for this little ray of light.
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  4. Max Coutinho says:


    Aren’t they delightful? And what is sad is that their American little friend is very ignorant because in Europe we have several examples of Twin brothers/sisters where one is black and the other is white (blonde with blue eyes) from the same mother and father. Nevertheless, their answer is perfect: their soul is the same. You and I know that this is perfectly possible.

    When I see things such as this, I still believe in humans and their beauty.

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    • My original thought till I came to the interview of the two different mothers was that they were from the same womb and from mixed parentage. I know some cases here too. The point however is that despite not being twins the children consider themselves so is remarkable. They are blessed to have parents who do not teach them to differentiate.

  5. Mike says:

    Nice. 😉
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  6. the same soul…that is poignant and beautiful…

  7. These children are wonderful, as most are. So accepting, so fresh and unspoiled. Thanks for this, Rummuser!
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  8. Kaitlin says:

    Oh how touching! Thank you for sharing. The same soul… I love it.

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