Ursula, Here Are Nandu’s Eyes.

My last post What Must I Do? has taken a life of its own and the latest request is from my friend Nandu to share his eyes with my readers and draw Ursula’s particular attention to it. I can vouch for their authenticity.

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13 Responses to Ursula, Here Are Nandu’s Eyes.

  1. Grannymar says:

    Wonderful, lively eyes to be blessed with, Nandu.
    Grannymar recently posted..Thursday Special ~ Thank You

    • Nandu Pillai says:

      Thank you ! You are very kind . I assure all that the teeth and hair are also real ! The “likeness’ was made just 3 months ago so I am not trying to “pass off” some old pic of “young me ” like some do on dating sites or FB ! But I would prefer that rather than be attracted by my stunning looks people are attracted by my lively intellect….preferably both ! ( What a Blaze of Modesty ! ) . Thanks Ramana for posting this – if the matter progresses any further I shall have to seriously consider a face lift to resemble the likeness !

  2. Maxi says:

    Those “peepers” have a real sparkle goin’ on – wonder what Ursula thinks.
    Blessings ~ Maxi
    Maxi recently posted..What’s In Your Wardrobe?

    • Nandu Pillai says:

      Not sure . Ominous silence ! Calm before the storm ?

      • Ursula says:

        Nandu, it’s not so much the calm before the storm as calm after the storm. All my beautiful thoughts as to the windows of your soul (remember to wipe your glasses) are repeatedly rejected by Ramana’s virtual bodyguard. I think Ramana is just jealous and is employing all that is totally unfair in love and war. Like barring me.

        Mind you, my first impression led me to get a little carried away (in the safe knowledge that you are Lady Nandu’s man, so no danger for me there then) when I made reference to being able to hold onto both your ears and cheekbones during the ride. And Ramana’s lovehandles.

        Let’s see if this gets past the bouncer.

        Ursula recently posted..The Past

  3. wisewebwoman says:

    Love how the eyes are captured. Mirrors of the intellect and spirit within.
    wisewebwoman recently posted..Brisk Walk along Holyrood Boardwalk.

    • Nandu Pillai says:

      They say our eyes are the windows to the soul ! The artist looked ( about 10 mins ) and lives to tell the tale ! Actually the artist really looked like the classic artist – will post his pic later lest his eyes steal my 5 minutes of fame !

  4. Anita says:

    Nice caricature – who’s the artist? I draw and paint myself – this is pretty good. By the way, I know everyone’s going for the eyes, but in my opinion, his lips seem to be taking on a life of their own in this pic!

    • Nandu Pillai says:

      Oh I get it – first the eyes are fine , then its the lips ..so it’s my Nose , IT’s MY NOSE that is the abomination – I didn’t pick it BTW ! I am now standing on the edge of the ledge but wont jump till I hear what Ursula has to say ! Wont reveal the identity of the artist till then as well !

      • Anita says:

        Hmm…they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so logically speaking, all your eye, nose and lip admirers are the ones with the beauty. Or their beauty is reflected in your eyes as they gaze admiringly at you. Or they gaze at you so that they may look more beautiful. Or…or…

        • Nandu Pillai says:

          You are too kind and gracious . I “behold” my face in the mirror every morning and a stranger scowls back at me ..leaving me wistfully wishing that the mirror was instead a portrait of Dorian Gray ! Nah ! Actually i’m quite at peace with myself about how I look now .- “the face that launched a thousand quips !” . PS : Ramana’s post of my visage has apparently stunned Ursula into silence – I didn’t realise i had such an “effect” on people – is that what a “silent shriek” sounds like ?

  5. Ursula says:

    Nandu, rarely am I ‘stunned into silence’ though, just in case of an emergency (like now), have perfected the “silent shriek’. Not least when Ramana’s comment box repeatedly tells me that, in reply to you, my comment will not be accepted because I am “too fast”. Hmm. Too fast, is it?

    Greetings from Speedy Gonzalez and Roadrunner, and will try harder,
    Ursula recently posted..The Past

    • Nandu Pillai says:

      Seeing as Ramana’s post of my likeness was 6 days ago I must confess that ‘speed’ ( of your response ) was not the first word that crossed my mind ! Could it be that the big bad wolf ( coyote? ) finally got the Roadrunner or that Speedy Gonzales got locked in a Mexican Standoff . But let me not quibble – what did you think of my ears ? My eyes ( brown Indian eyes not blue Spanish eyes ) and lips have been “taken” ( early birds and all that ) ?

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