Vishweshwar And Jaganmohan.

My dear friend Vishweshwar who does not feature ever as a commentator here in the blog posts, reads all my posts and comments on facebook when the mood takes him. Another friend Jaganmohan, with who my readers are familiar, also reads my blogposts and is himself a web poster with his own website to stream videos live. He too does not comment on my blogs but prefers to discuss matters directly with me.

Vishweshwar, in Sanskrit is a compound Vishwa Eshwar meaning, The Lord Of The Universe. A name for Shiva.

Jaganmohan is also a compound Jagat Mohan, meaning Charmer of the Universe. One of the names for Krishna.

These two friends named after very powerful Gods decided to bestow their munificence on me for Twenty Fifteen and have gifted me with the only things that they think I lack, books.

Vishweshwar gifted me with The Hot Belly Diet.  I hope that he will comment on this post as to quite why he thought that I should read it.

And Jagan, was more generous with three books; Secrets Of Karma, The Gone Girl and The Fault In Our Stars.  Jagan tells me that these three books have been read by him and he wants me to share his joy in having read them.

fault book

My cup runneth over. Thank you Vishweshwar and Jagan.

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22 Responses to Vishweshwar And Jaganmohan.

  1. Looney says:

    I am fascinated by the concept of a “teen edition” for the Secrets of Karma. Have there always been teen editions? Or did Karma produce a new, teen oriented presentation of itself for our era? Of course a secret really can’t be a secret these days unless it is published, so that part of the title is clear.
    Looney recently posted..Pacifica

    • The author practices his craft in the USA Looney. It is for the teens there. Jagan must have felt that mentally I am just about equal to a teen in the USA and has gifted me this book.

  2. I used to have T-shirts that said, “Too many books, too little time.” It’s nice to have a choice, though. Lucky you!
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Avoiding the News?

  3. kylie says:

    I have read The Fault in Our Stars, it’s a favourite of all of my kids.

    I wish you good reading!
    kylie recently posted..whats your theme word?

  4. Pravin says:

    I have watched a movie with similar title – Faults in our stars. I think the book is made into movie, wonderful movie.
    Pravin recently posted..Why not Celebrate daily? Happy New Year

  5. shackman says:

    This wil lindeed be time well spent!
    shackman recently posted..What Nondescript Item Had The Most Impact On Your Life (How/Why ?)

  6. Maxi says:

    I am curious about the “teen” in Secrets of Karma, Rummy. Are you living your second life?
    blessings ~ maxi
    Maxi recently posted..The Most Used Word In The English Language Is Made Up

    • The author practices his craft in the USA Maxi. It is for the teens there. Jagan must have felt that mentally I am just about equal to a teen in the USA and has gifted me this book.

  7. Big John says:

    “The Hot Belly Diet” … Sounds more like an Indian ‘take-way’ from a health food store. I think I’ll give it a miss … 🙂
    Big John recently posted..So, what’s new ?

  8. tammy j says:

    i laughed heartily! thinking . . . you need more books rummy!
    but i’ve decided. you should have more and more books.
    that way you must live a long long time in order to read them all.
    book insurance!
    i am going to definitely check out the hot belly diet!
    you have nice friends in those two.
    tammy j recently posted..expect the best

  9. Mother says:

    I don’t know about the rest but “The Fault in Our Stars” is compelling.
    Mother recently posted..It is 2015!

  10. Raj says:

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