What An Interview!

Please turn on the speakers and listen till the end. You will not be disappointed. The high priest of atheism meets his match in a modern day guru.

A disclaimer before you proceed. I am not plugging for either of the participants.

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14 Responses to What An Interview!

  1. The high priest of atheism meets his match in a modern day guru.

    Not sure I agree with that – seems simply like a couple of guys with differing fundamental points of view talking in circles to each other trying to prove their points, each being politely condescending to the other. It’s an intellectual equivalent of agreeing to disagree. One thing is certain – the mind is the most widely misunderstood entity “unknown” to man. Synchronicity – hmm – where have I encountered that term? 🙂 Clearly neither of these men have all the answers nor would either likely accept the answers from the other. Their points of interest lack real synchronicity and Chopra seems to accept scientific methodology when it suits him. Dawkins is simply a less funny, seemingly more polite Sheldon Cooper.

  2. Anna says:

    I may not judge the interview objectively as I have been Deepak Chopra’s fun and follower of his work for more than 15 years. Thank you Ramana for bringing it on, very interesting. Chopra was, in my opinion interviewed in a way which required some defence and this he did brilliantly. With deep knowledge of his subjects and with personal dignity. I liked very much his arguments about mumbo jumbo, it was clever and proved to be two way sward.
    I also respect Dawkins’ work and his vies most of the time but this time he seemed arrogant to me, and this did not come across well. If it was a dispute I would pronounce Chopra as the winner.

  3. tammyj says:

    my mind is too simply wired to fully comprehend some of the deeper concepts in their discourse.
    but I do believe firmly that what we think and how our minds become ‘fixated’ can often if not always alter outcomes. mind over matter. yes. and deepak tried to explain it to dawkins on the biological level i noticed. which dawkins then kept trying to turn into something esoterical and argumentative. at least it seemed that way to me.
    they can … as chuck says… but not in these words … bat the ball back and forth forever…. and neither side is the winner there.
    but to me the winner … if there needs to be a winner … will always be deepak chopra. he is a man of peace and love. and simplicity.
    and I like him.
    I have read many of his books.
    were they standing that whole time? that was tiring to me. I kept thinking they should sit down and be comfortable! LOL.
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  4. Looney says:

    Seeing the word, “match”, I was expecting a debate, but it was really just an interview. Deepak did a good job explaining why life is too complex to be brought under the thumb of “science”.
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