What Is The Point?

I have recently been noticing a tendency on my part to pontificate on many things from my past, particularly when my daughter in law Manjiree, who has come into my life just two years ago, asks some innocuous question about something that triggers off either a nostalgic visit to the past or to something that used to be that no longer exists. The point is, that in both cases, her original question usually remains unanswered till I finish my soliloquy with the past and either remember it or she frustratedly asks it again.

I must make a conscious effort not to indulge in such pointless soliloquies. That is the moral that I have learnt from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip that I reproduce below.

And I am much older than Calvin’s father here. Incidentally, another pointless piece of information, in all the time that I have enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin’s parents are never called by their names. Dad, Mom, Hon etc are the only terms used. Can someone correct me if I am wrong?

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  1. jo(e) says:

    Ha! I’ve been indulging in those soliloquies for years. In fact, my kids know some of them by heart and can recite them for me.

    Watterson never revealed the named of Calvin’s parents. He said they functioned simply as Mom and Dad in Calvin’s world so their names were not important.
    jo(e) recently posted..Naked along the Snake River

  2. Don’t give up on the soliloquies, just spare your daughter-in-law and share them here in your blog. Some people will be interested and others can easily skip them if they choose. At any rate, you will be sharing yourself with your friends.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..A Pleasant Surprise

  3. Dun-Na-Sead says:

    I know that Calvin and Hobbes are supposed to be named for a theologian and a philosopher, but am I the only one who sees a distinct link to christopher Robin and Tigger in Winnie the Pooh?
    And why do we love childlike wonder and the fact that, unlike fairy tales that are supposed to help destroy fears, in the stories we really love, the wild tiggers are philosophical and stuffed.
    As to your problem with your remembrances from the past, when a person is no longer with us, it is their long, sometime rambling stories that we think of with joy when we remember them. Give them something to remember you by in 20 years.

  4. Cathy in NZ says:

    i absolutely hated those escalators! I still, sometimes have trouble getting on/off modern ones…

    a few weeks ago at my night group, I ended up entertaining my group with my years overseas – when I travelled with the then little known company Contiki – turned out that my best friend since the 1980s never even knew I had travelled that extensively through Europe,UK and the African contintent…

    most of those memories are packed away, one day when I retire I willsort them out/scrapbook-wise…

  5. Grannymar says:

    You pontificate? 😆 You have been doing so for all the years I have known you!!! Solve the problem by answering the question and then blogging the story!
    Grannymar recently posted..A day to remember

  6. bikehikebabe says:

    I think Mangiree likes hearing about your past. Otherwise she wouldn’t ask questions knowing you’re going to tell your past.

  7. wisewebwoman says:

    Odd this, I never tired of older relatives doing this when I was younger. I was fascinated with the stories.
    But then I wasn’t waiting around looking for an answer, yeah?
    wisewebwoman recently posted..Blog Jam

  8. Anna says:

    One can look at your soliloquies as tapping into your wisdom you have accumulated over the years. Sure, older people are more prone to it than the younger ones, but they have more to recall and ponder on. I would indulge to my heart content in your situation. I also think that Manjiree is just keen on your comments and impatient to hear results of your thinking over the issue.

  9. tammy j says:

    i smiled a big smile the whole time i read your post.
    then i clicked on the cartoon to read it.
    you know how i’m always saying i LOL? well. I DID.
    and i think you’re adorable. and whether you abstain from elongated stories in real life or not… never think we tire of them here on your blog!
    tammy j recently posted..little joys in life

  10. nick says:

    I probably go to the other extreme. I seldom tell pointless stories because I’m quite sure they’ll bore the pants off everybody. Of course I could be quite wrong, as Wise Web Woman suggests.
    nick recently posted..Needy or what?

  11. Mother says:

    If the point is enjoying your memories…well enough! If your listener’s eyes glaze over, of course, perhaps you should enjoy them on your own and get to the listener’s point. Still, isn’t that what age is about? Latitude?
    Mother recently posted..Living for Peace

  12. Looney says:

    There is a cartoon where Calvin calls out “Mom”. You can find this and avoid my link below by searching for images of Calvin and Hobbes with “stepped”, “dog” and “poo” in it. Hopefully this response is sufficiently pointless. The link is here:

    Looney recently posted..The Origins of Life, by Robert Hazen

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