Writing By Hand.


The cable TV man came for his monthly subscription after the demonetisation and I had no cash on hand to pay him as I have been doing for the past many years. I explained the situation to him and he suggested that I give him a cheque and that he would not mind waiting while I wrote one out for him.

I was simply zapped! I had not thought of that option at all. I took out my cheque book and discovered that I had not issued a cheque in months. I had made most payments through internet banking by direct transfers and so, had not issued any cheques.

I also found that there was an entry missing in the counterfoils for a cheque that I had issued some time ago, no doubt due to being out of practice!   I had to go to my bank account online to find out details so that I could fill in the counterfoil!

I also found that writing by hand has become difficult and I had to practice signing on a blank paper a few times before I could safely sign the cheque for the cable man. I had to use block letters to write out the name and the amount as well. Apart from not writing anything regularly other than using block letters for my daily tryst with crossword puzzles, my right ulnar palsy acted up while writing the cheque! I have asked the bill collector to find out if I can transfer funds directly into his account and I hope that they would agree to that.

My life, now built around the computer and the internet, has ruined my cursive handwriting which was a very good one!

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  1. shackman says:

    I too have noticed it is difficult to write – LOL – it has been way too long since I wrote anything regularly. My handwriting was never spectacular to begin with. *

  2. That’s why we write SriRama Jaya in old age

  3. Ursula says:

    My dear Ramana, if you couldn’t sign your name any longer with that frankly astonishing flair (I remember it well – that shocked I was) it’d be a loss to me, mankind and graphologists.

    Unlike you and Shackman I write reams by hand, every day. It is how, in my line of work, I organize my thoughts. Mostly pencil on paper so – unlike an ink pen or a biro you don’t need to expend much energy. A pencil just glides on paper – effortlessly. Sorry to hear about your palsy. I can’t imagine to be “hindered” in my daily pursuits – though, admittedly and as Jean knows, my eyesight is playing its own little joke on me.

    Cheques? Haven’t had a cheque book for years – though have kept (for legal reasons) old stubs. They seem so quaint now. Fills me with a tinge of nostalgia. Give it another one hundred years and future generations will have to google what the expression “the cheque bounced” means. Oh, and here is another one: “The cheque is in the post”. As excuses for non payment go they used to drive my then boss to mild despair. You know: A fledgling business’ biggest threat: CASHFLOW. Luckily she had a very successful (by which I mean rich) husband (timber) to help out in a dearth. In the end she made it big. I admire people who (maybe with a little help) are able to hold their nerve in times of dire straits.

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    • Frankly, I envy you your writing. In my case, I think that it is too late now to restart. I don’t really need to anyway.

    • I just heard on the News that there are people making false “apps”so that you believe you are buying and paying for something through your s/phone – they are quite sophisticated that you just organise to buy xyz – BUT you never receive it!

      one of local groups on f/b that is selling craft stuff – every so often some fraudster rips off another craftsperson – to a point that a recent seller, has been reported to the police, because the bank acct has suddenly been closed!

  4. Mike says:

    We, too, don’t use the checkbook very often, but also don’t use much cash. Most of our bills are paid by direct withdrawal or with credit card. We use our cards for almost all purchases, paying off the accumulated debt every month, thereby accruing no debt and getting the benefit of the credit card reward system.

    When I’m not working, I very seldom write by hand, other than to create shopping lists. I write a lot of notes when working. I’ve only been off (this time) since July, so I’m not so very far out of practice. My penmanship, never stellar, has suffered, though, a bit over time.
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  5. nick says:

    My handwriting is fine but like you, I don’t write very often as so much is now done via email, websites etc. I used to write blog posts by hand but now I use the computer. I write a lot of notes to myself about the results of tradesmen’s visits, GP consultations etc. I also have a long list of books I want to buy. But at this rate writing will be totally obsolete in a few decades.
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  6. Wisewebwoman says:

    I find handwriting lists and my journal satisfy me more so than digital memo pads. I like stroking or ticking something accomplished. And swoopy cursive is still lovely to us old fogies.
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    • I am sure that it is except that for me it is a painful thing to write by hand. My right hand has got adjusted to typing, but somehow holding a pencil or a pen for long, is still very difficult.

  7. marms says:

    I can barely sign my name, which signature has no relationship to anything resembling letters of the alphabet. I’m always irritated that I cannot pay rent by bank transfer, since I have to buy cheques JUST so I can pay rent. All else is card, or transfer.

    I have ONE relative who still writes, only learned to use computer because husband cannot see well enough anymore. Her handwriting is steady and almost exactly the same as it was half a century ago.

    I have heard of youth who cannot read the letters and notes from grandparents. They do not recognize or comprehend cursive, no matter how neat.

    I wonder if there are caligraphy lessons? Online, cough cough.

  8. I still write longhand, mostly to myself. Just notes/lists of things to remember and also writing as a form of talking to myself. Interestingly enough, I do that standing up at my artist’s easel on large paper, using oil pastels or colored pencils. It’s a way of communicating with my subconscious. I learned long ago that’s the part of me that runs the show, so it’s best to keep in touch. 🙂
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  9. tammy j says:

    i don’t write that much anymore either. and i’ve always loved to write.
    i had kept a hand written journal for years on end. but not anymore.
    i love beautiful script. my mother learned the spencerian method in school.
    her signature was so lovely… as was her hand writing in general. so beautiful!
    i always aspired to that.
    i only have to use a couple of checks a month. make that cheques!
    everything else is handled electronically and automatically drafted from my account.
    i agree with nick. actual writing will no doubt become totally obsolete.
    how weird to realize that!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  10. Looney says:

    My wife does all the check writing. No need for handwriting.
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  11. I certainly don’t write many cheques – and even my voluntary job has gone to online payments to suppliers after a 2nd authoriser goes online and ticks the boxes.

    I do hand write a lot of things at home, I have an ongoing shopping list on my kitchen bench; bits of paper of things I want to look up online.

    I try to have cash in my purse, as there are number of organisations that have a “koha” box but often I don’t have enough. Last month I didn’t have enuff cash for the raffle but the lady on the desk, just popped inn her money… AND I won a prize!

    I do a lot of scribbling, parfticularly when my hands are doing “something quite different” to what is true writing 🙂

  12. Joared says:

    Interesting! Guess this is a bit different from what you describe since it has nothing to do with their using digital devices, but my husband and my older brother realized some years ago they no longer could write cursive with ease as they both had little need to do so and had mostly just used printing for lists, various forms, etc. Just goes to confirm — use it or lose it.
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  13. Mother says:

    I’m not sure that my handwriting issues are due to lack of use. More likely my genetic predisposition to shaky hands. It all amounts to the same, however. People all prefer that I type rather than write. And I prefer it…
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