For some strange reason, my sister posted this on Facebook.

And she added as comments: “Yes…in our family…though mind you…he did sow some pretty wild oats in his heyday. Today, he is a sanyasi and we in the family and a host of other people from all walks of life admire and count upon him as their mentor…to my mother Anusuya’s first born Ramana Rajgopaul. And coming to the tail of this tale…the youngest are spoilt, stubborn and opinionated…ask me…I should know myself, right!”

Not being a modest fellow, I could not agree more. The image however should be reversed in our case, the eldest is a male, me and the youngest is a female, my sister. In between there were two males, one of them sadly no more. Now you can understand her comments about the youngest.

I would like to add this image to conclude this narration.

The truth of the matter however is that they stopped because finally they got the daughter they wanted. I used to tease my late younger brother that had he been a daughter, we would have been just two!  It however turned that the last one also turned out to be the perfect child.

How is today’s world compared to the 21st century you imagined as a child?

This is a very difficult post for me to write on as I simply did not dream of a 21st Century as a child.

My dreaming of any kind of future as a child was to dream about some toy or game that I was promised by one of my parents or a very dear uncle.

As a school going teenager, I dreamt of finishing school and getting out of the discipline that it entailed. Since I was in the Naval Wing of our National Cadet Corps, I thought that a way out of further studying was to join the Indian Navy and that is what I tried to do immediately after I wrote the last examination for the School Finals. My dream was shattered when I failed the Medical Test due to my myopia.

Then I simply stopped dreaming about the future and got busy surviving on a day to day basis. I have written about somethings that just happened to me that propelled me into a corporate career which landed me up finally in Pune where I have been living for the past more than thirty years very comfortably and without dreaming about any kind of future.

The last couple of things that I had dreamed of were to go on an all India motoring trip with my late wife and living in a farm house, both of which fell through due to her illness and prolonged need for home nursing.

These existential realities brought me into the 21st Century with a determination not to dream at all about the future and accept what comes with gratitude and joy and that attitude has given me a comfortable and peaceful life till now.

I hope that my readers will now understand why I started off this post with “This is a very difficult post for me to write on…”

The fact remains that the 21st Century that I see now is vastly different from the time when I was a child all of seventy plus years ago.  In retrospect, I still go all nostalgic for those days.  Typical of ancient specimens like me and perhaps even my two cohorts who will also be writing on the same topic today.

This is my take on this week’s Friday 3 On 1 blog posts where Conrad, Shackman and I write on the same topic. Today’s topic has been suggested by Conrad. Please do go over to the other two blogs to see what they have to say on the same topic. Thank you.


Our first summer showers arrived with thunder and lightning and the photograph above was taken at 5.30 pm today.

We have been having really hot and on the odd days, humid days. The rain is a big relief.

The thunder however scared Koko and since there was no one else was at home, she came and slept over my feet under the table where I was sitting and working on my desk top.

Perks of having dogs at home!

Has The Pandemic Wrought Any Positive Changes?

Today’s topic is the brainchild of Shackman who I know has had a great deal in mind and life during the pandemic as I am sure that all of us have had too.

In my case, at the individual level some positive changes that took place are the following;

1. I recommenced Jala Neti as recommended by some doctors who I trust.

I however use an old trusted vessel which I had stopped using some years ago.

2. I recommenced Pranayama exercises as part of my daily yoga routine.

3. I rescheduled my morning routine to accommodate these changes and now follow a different one than I was following pre-pandemic. This change has improved my digestion and sleep and overall wellbeing.

I am convinced that I escaped the annual tryst with the seasonal viral infection that I undergo every winter last year due to the above changes. That was the biggest gain that I had during these different times.

At the macro level, some positive changes that I have noticed personally are:

Return of some types of birds to my neighbourhood that had disappeared till last year.

Improved quality of air due to reduced traffic on our roads.

Thanks to the pandemic to some extent and its belligerence on our borders, our dependence on China has reduced considerably and local enterprises are rejuvenating to fill the gap. This in turn has contribute to our economic recovery for the IMF to predict that India will grow at and astounding 12.5% this fiscal.

Reduced consumption of oil has brought prices and demand down and people everywhere are finding that they can live differently and a better life.

Working and studying from home has brought about a paradigm shift in our approach to employment and education. Quite how this will pan out in the future is yet to be seen but, having tasted the simplicity and efficacy of these developments, there is bound to be major shifts.

Hygiene’s importance in our lives has been driven home more strongly than ever before by the practical experience of the pandemic.

This is my take on this week’s Friday 3 On 1 blog posts where Conrad, Shackman and I write on the same topic. Today’s topic has been suggested by Shackman. Please do go over to the other two blogs to see what they have to say on the same topic. Thank you.