12 Years A Slave.

12_Years_a_SlaveMy friend Ramesh and I decided to catch a film together after a long time and chose the only good English movie running now with some good reviews.  Both of us had already seen the American Hustle and this film was as highly recommended as the AH.

To say the least, it is a very disturbing film. The film is a very well made film with nothing to complain about the total film but the story was disturbing and Ramesh was visibly very moved and has vowed to tell all his friends not to see the film if they are the sensitive types.

If you can stomach cruelty of man against man, and would like to see a very well made film very sensitively handled by the director and with superb performances, you can venture a visit to your favourite theater.

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  1. I can’t ‘stomach cruelty of man against man’. Which is why, most likely, I won’t be watching this film. My imagination runs overtime as it is without any fires needing to be stoked.

    I may have related this before: The Angel, whose taste in all things I trust, sometimes says to me: “Mama, why are we watching this? You are not even looking.” I can’t. I hate it. I cry. And if someone says to me, by way of comfort: “It’s only a film” I don’t get that either. Story, film, fairy tale – whatever. Surely the whole purpose is to suspend disbelief. So, no, no good. Without wishing to generalize: I do believe men to be better at taking/watching violence – on the chin as it were.

    Bambi greetings,
    Ursula recently posted..Vow of silence

  2. i will not be seeing it.
    though i admire superbly made and acted films.
    i cannot bear man’s cruelty. to other humans. or animals.
    the images stay too long with me. and do nothing to help my already hypertension.
    to know it is all true hurts even more. a shameful thing in our history… and even in our present day to still some degree. the bigotry i mean.
    tammyj recently posted..hark!

  3. You don’t need to go and see a film to see cruelty a man perpetrates against another. Here in Delhi & States around politician are facing criminal charges for cruelty to their domestic staff and we get to see pictures and read about it in newspapers. A few children have been permanently and physically maimed by them.

  4. I was actually going to see it. I will think twice before I decide. But good film is a good film. Looks that there is an important message there. If cruelty is experienced by some maybe we should not close our eyes on it. I am not sure though if I will have a stomach for it.

  5. Why pay good money to watch cruelty while sitting in a soft seat eating popcorn? Real cruelty to all mankind is happing on the streets and alleyways of all our towns or cities 24/7.

    Not my cup of tea/coffee, thank you.
    Grannymar recently posted..Sunday one liners ~ 15

    1. We somehow seem to be getting so many such stories brought to our notice thanks to the internet and the social media. But this story has a historic perceptive and a crew behind it of some great names which is what prompted me to go to see it.

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