The Supernatural.


caused by forces that cannot be explained by science:
Ghosts and evil spirits are supernatural.
She is said to have supernatural powers and to be able to communicate with the dead.

This Friday’s Two On One topic has been chosen by Shackman who perhaps has been influenced by the highly popular television serial of the same name!  I have never seen it nor have any intention of seeing it in the future.

I personally have no experience of the supernatural nor have I met anyone who has had one.  I have heard vague stories without any proof and have never taken the subject seriously except once in the Southern State of Kerala, when after an evening of swapping stories at a club’s bar up in the Munnar Hills, on a dare I spent a night in the verandah of an abandoned bungalow which was reputed to be haunted.

I slept blissfully without even a dream and woke up with a hangover, not due to any supernatural forces but due to the previous evenings excess. I proved to the sceptics among my hosts that the haunted story must have been planted by someone interested in the real estate and since nothing happened to me, perhaps, they should have a good strong look at what is the story behind the rumours and beliefs.

Having shared that piece of my experience, let me conclude this post by saying that since I have neither belief nor personal experience of any supernatural phenomenon, I have nothing further to say in the matter.

I am sure that Shackman will have something/s more interesting to say and request my readers to go over to his blog to read that.

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  1. It is all a matter of balance to me and so if you believe in a god or gods by their vaery nature ypou are accepting theexistence of the supernatural. Do I believe in vampires, werewolves, demons and such? Not necessarily – I am just simply suggesting that there is a balance to the universe – it is as simple as that. And yes I enjoy being entertained by the fictional supernatural. As ro research – I honestly wrote my piece in about 15 minutes-off the top of my head.
    shackman recently posted..The Supernatural

    1. Yes, your post is very clear that you have treated it as a matter of balance. I can see the logic in it but, since I personally have not had anything to do with it, I chose my approach.

  2. ” I proved to the sceptics among my hosts that the haunted story must have been planted by someone interested in the real estate … ”
    well done Sean.

  3. No, I don’t believe in the supernatural, especially as I have no personal experience of anything supernatural, psychic, paranormal etc. But palmists and clairvoyants obviously make money out of those who believe they can contact the dead or foresee the future. Funny, with those psychic powers they aren’t able to foresee if climate breakdown will destroy the planet and humanity, or whether the climate will settle down again and we’ll all be fine.

    1. You must visit some of our older city centers. You will see walls plastered with advertisements for such characters and from the expenditure, it would be fair to assume that they make a good living out of it.

  4. Well, we don’t know what we don’t know, do we? I’m a skeptic but welcome those who want to study and explore many events described as being supernatural to ascertain whether or not they can be explained. Who knows what we might learn.

  5. I am firm believer in cellular memory, having had unexplainable experiences in that realm myself and hearing about others but the supernatural? If it exists it is way beyond us simple folk to grasp.

    As an atheist, I think we are a highly unevolved species in spite of our aspirations to superiority but I do embrace a type of spirituality which is temporal.

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