1984 Is Here.

My brother Arvind spent almost a month with me recently and he had a smart phone. He could do all kinds of things with it like read his email, take and store photographs and movies with sound, record and store music, locate places on maps and so on and so forth.

Though I was tempted to get myself one, I am now glad that I do not use a smart phone. My son and heir, who uses a Blackberry, advises me against it as to use one, one has to be smart first. He is convinced that without him around, I am not. Even if I did use one, I doubt that Big Brother will bother to tap into my smart phone as, what juicy information can he get? And whose cell phone would I be interested in tapping into?

How about you? Do you use a smart phone? Will seeing this clip change your mind about continuing to use it?

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