Kashmir is not populated by fools.

CNN reports that Pro-India parties win majority in Kashmir.

The Pakistani press has understandably not mentioned anything about this development. They have been under the impression that sooner or later, Kashmir will secede from India and join Pakistan.

I hope that Pakistan understands that even if Kashmir secedes, which I doubt will happen in my life time, they are unlikely to join up with Pakistan which is a failed rogue state. Kashmiris have seen what the marauding terrorists and jihadists have done to Kashmiris.

Kashmiris, like all people everywhere want to live in peace, and prosper. Pakistanis should ask themselves whether this will be possible if they were to be with Pakistan.

Even an independent Kashmir is likely to have more connections with India than Pakistan, for very obvious reasons which seem to elude Pakistan.

Relationships -Schopenhauer’s Porcupines.

Delanceyplace.com have sent me this extract which makes for some very interesting reading.

Psychotherapist Deborah Luepnitz introduces her book by recounting and amplifying on Schopenhauer’s famous fable (and metaphor) of the porcupines:

“I (mention) Arthur Schopenhauer’s well known fable, a story Freud liked enough to cite in his book on group psychology (and) I paraphrase the fable as follows:

” ‘A troop of porcupines is milling about on a cold winter’s day. In order to keep from freezing, the
animals move closer together. Just as they are close enough to huddle, however, they start to poke each other with their quills. In order to stop the pain, they spread out, lose the advantage of commingling, and begin to shiver. This sends them back in search of each other, and the cycle repeats as they struggle to find a comfortable distance between entanglement and freezing.’

The story spoke to Freud as a lesson about boundaries. (“No one can tolerate a too intimate
approach to his neighbor.”) It also spoke to his belief that love is everywhere a thorny affair. Freud
wrote: ‘The evidence … shows that almost every intimate emotional relation between two people which lasts for some time–marriage, friendship, the relations between parents and children–contains a sediment of feelings of aversion and hostility, which only escapes perception as a result of repression’…

“All relationships … require us to contain contradictory feelings for the same person. As the poet Molly Peacock observed: “There must be room in love for hate.”

Deborah Anna Luepnitz, Schopenhauer’s
Porcupines, Basic Books, 2002, pp. 2-3.

I hope that two of my blogger friends Conrad and Ellen are reading this and look forward to their comments as I do from Jean who usually comes up with some unusual insights.

Pakistani Militant Confesses.

I draw the attention of my readers to this article in the New York Times.

Pakistani establishment has been accepting, denying and casting aspersions on everybody else in the world like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand.

The leadership is scared of the ISI and the militants who enjoy official patronage. They dare not take action against these elements within their borders.

Indians will live with terrorism and chest thumping by this rogue state which has its begging bowl out for dole from the rest of the world. India will survive. Pakistan I suspect will not. Even the Kashmiris, have now shown that they would rather be with India in the recent elections held there. I am not surprised. Who in his right mind will want to join a failing state whose sole purpose to exist seems to be to promote terrorism within its borders, export it to neighboring countries and to get it all financed by the gullible Americans and other Western Countries.

I further draw the reader’s attention to an article and another earlier article in The Economist. Such an impartial publication cannot be too far off the mark.

A number of us in India dread the prospect of “moderate” English speaking urban Pakistanis flooding into India as refugees when the Taliban and the Al Quida convert Pakistan into their country for which they have been longing for for all this time. In India we consider the Pakistani belief that the Taliban is encouraged by India as the biggest joke of the century. Are these people blind, deaf and completely immune to the global media?

I lived in Delhi when we had Afghan refugees coming into India en route to Western Countries. Perhaps the same will happen in the case of Pakistan. I doubt that Indians will extend the same hospitality to the Pakistanis if they do decide to flee the Taliban and the Al Quida. The Indian Muslims will be first ones to turn them away after they have seen the duplicity of the so called Pakistani neutral press in the recent past.

Every Dollar and Euro and Pound that goes to Pakistan as aid, hastens this prospect.