Australia And India.

This post is dedicated to my blogger friend Jim at Personal Reflections.

The post itself has been triggered by a mail from my friend Sandeep parts of which I quote:
– “Indians and Australians often have warped views of each other’s countries. Many Indians view Australia as a country of ill-mannered, drunken, racist  louts who beat up Indan students in racist attacks. Australians view India as dirt poor (not  true), unsafe (not true again), unsanitary (partially true) and chaotic (true). The adverse publicity that India got in the Australian press in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games recently was extraordinarily bad and in some cases, borderline racist. It is ALWAYs dangerous to stereotype.”

Sandeep went on to lead me to an article in an Australian paper, which in turn led me to others and I give a sequence of articles that disproves some of the wrong notions that both countries have about each other at the macro level.

Article One.

Article Two.

Article Three.

Article Four.

Jim, I salute the Australian Press. I also salute the Delhi Police who handled the last night’s celebrations with maturity and understanding.

New Mast.

I have just changed the look of the mast on my blog.

I have removed the “hindsight” of the elephant and instead inserted a rear view mirror showing lightening in the back.

I had originally inserted the elephant’s rear in response to a reader’s query as to what I meant by “hindsight”. I had posted about it in one of my blogs to oblige another reader who has since then, stopped visiting and commenting on my blog. No, I did not kick her out.

Had my friend Conrad anything to do with that decision, (He has been dreaming of sailing away to the South Seas and retire on an island inhabited by only people like these.) he would have insisted that I use this one.

Now here is the challenge. Why did I choose the rear view mirror for the change?

Since posting this on the web, I have had the pleasure of reading Ursula’s comment which has inspired me to add a few lines more.

Ursula says, “Ramana, what a well rounded person you are.

I am sure your new (half) mast will grow on us. Though I will miss the elephant and its sweet, so very expressive, tail.”

Let me respond to her comment here to generate some humour, I hope, here.

Ursula, you haven’t seen me. But I can assure you that I am indeed well rounded. Not quite obese, but some people who have seen me and comment on my posts have called me Humpty Dumpty Rummy. Wait for a couple of days and another blog post on my well roundedness is likely to appear.

You must go back and read my post “The Lungi” to appreciate this picture below. We call this the half mast lungi. When I want a little freedom of movement, I wear the lungi, which is my normal attire, in this fashion. Alas, I wish that I could look like that model!

Meme And The Alphabet

This is a dare, unstated as such but a dare nevertheless in Grannymar’s blog.

A – Available / Single?  Yes, widower.
B – Best friend?  Myself.
C – Cake or Pie? Cake.
D – Drink of choice.  Tea with milk, ginger and sugar.
E – Essential item I use everyday? Spectacles.
F – Favourite colour?  To wear? Blue.
G – Gummy bears or Worms?  Neither.
H – Hometown?  Pune, Maharashtra, India.
I – Indulgence?  Reading.
J – January or February? February due to highly emotional reasons.
K – Kids and their names?  One.  Ranjan.
L – Life is incomplete?  I am a vedantin. For vedantins there is no birth or death.
M – Marriage date? November 1968
N – Number of siblings?  Three, each a character.
O – Oranges or Apples?  Apples.
P – Phobias Fears?  Claustrophobia.
Q – Favourite quote?  “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live. It is asking others to live as one wishes to live.”
– Oscar Wilde
R – Reason to smile? I am just made that way!
S – Seasons? I like  winter. I can wear some of my clothes other than my daily ones.
T – Tag three people?  I would rather that those interested try.
U – Unknown fact about me?  If I reveal that I would be falling into the trap!
V – Vegetable you don’t like?  None.
W – Worst Habit?  Flippancy.
X – X-Rays you have had?  Far too many to list
Y – Your favourite food?  Rice, lentils, vegetables and yogurt.
Z – Zodiac sign?  Cancer.

Happy Birthday Appa And Padmini

In our immediate family, the eldest and the youngest share the same birthday, which is today.

The eldest is my father who starts off his 94th year today. He, like our cricketing legend, Sachin Tendulkar, is totally calm and composed and does not show any symptoms of the nineties jitters. I am sure that he will hit a century.

The youngest, the apple of all our eyes and a source of great inspiration about who all of us can write tomes, is Padmini. Our sister. She is now starting off her 62nd year and looks all set to give a good showing for some more years. Since she too comes from a family of long lived women, here is hoping that she too will hit a century.

Here is wising both of them a happy birthday and best wishes for many happy returns too.

Favourite Ad Lines.

I have decided to create them!


Loose – I would rather have a bowl of Loose.
Bloggers’ – Got Bloggers?
Consortium – New Thinking. New Consortium.

LBC Bloggers.

Grannymar – Get the Grannymar habit.
Conrad – Wow! I could do with another Conrad!
Silver Fox – Bee Bop Fizz Bliss – What a Silver Fox it is.
Gaelikaa – Try a lot of gaelikaa on your biscuit.
Magpie 11 – Easy Breezy Brilliant Magpie
Judy – Just What the Judy ordered.

And for the punchline for yours truly:
You will wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Rummuser.

I hope that you enjoyed this post of the Friday Loose Bloggers’ Consortium when we post on the same topic chosen by one of us. Today’s topic has been chosen by Conrad.

E-Prime Challenge

My blog friend Bunc from the Ayreshire Blog has written a fascinating post on writing without “to be”

I have been trying since the post appeared, to write or speak without the use of “to be” and am slowly getting there. It is not as easy as it sounds.

For those of my readers that are keen to improve their communication skills, Bunc’s post and the links there that give greater detail will make fascinating reading.