A Language Challenge. A Poser.

In my post A post Specially For Ursula, gaelikaa left this comment.

“You want to marry Ursula?”

It is written and read and not spoken and heard. So, I have got multiple problems with that simple question.

“The English language is rather like a monster accordion, stretchable at the whim of the editor, compressible ad lib.”
~Robert Burchfield, lexicographer (1923-2004)

Let me explain my problem. The question could be answered differently for each of these following emphasis.

YOU want to marry Ursula?

You WANT to marry Ursula?

You want to MARRY Ursula?

You want to marry URSULA?

You see my problem? I am not able to compress it to adlib. I don’t know quite what gaelikaa had in mind when she asked the question.

gaelikaa, it seems to me that you have not been reading all the comments in my posts. Ursula and I have been betrothed to each other, on and off, that is, for some time now.

I am sure that Ursula is as keen as I am to know what alternative emphasis should be taken by me as your intent.

Perhaps we should let my regular readers who are familiar with the three personalities concerned to choose!

You can of course answer, but I will keep it pending for publication, till the others have had a crack at it. Fair enough?

Coffee Drinkers Beware.

Just ten days ago, WiseWebWoman posted about her adventure or misadventure under the title “A Dublin Tale.

Her story had a happy ending. As did mine which I am about to write about.

I was on my way to Mumbai yesterday, and had stopped off at a rest station for a cup of coffee. It was a very refreshing stop and I went back to the car to continue on my journey when someone tapped on my window which was up for the air-conditioning. He looked a suspicious type and without opening the window, I gestured to him asking him what he wanted. He waved something in his hand and gestured for me to lower the window. Curiosity got the better of me and I lowered the window to find him extending his hand inside the car with my driving license in it.

Apparently, while paying for the coffee, my license had fallen off from my wallet without my noticing it. The stranger saw it on the ground, looked around for someone looking like the photograph on the license, found me and came to return it to me. I got down from the car, thanked him profusely and offered to reward him for his trouble. He refused the offer and bid me good bye and strolled away.

Moral of the story, looks can be deceptive both ways! Also that one needs to be careful with the contents of one’s wallet. Both have registered well with me.

On catching up with my backlog, another coincidence or may I once again call it synchronicity, came my way with this article in the NYT.

We have Starbucks equivalents in India and Starbucks themselves are planning a big entry into India shortly.

You bet that I will be very careful with my belongings when I do visit Starbucks, or for that matter any restaurant, from now on.