Rummuser is back – II

I am unable to focus on bogging as I am still in some discomfort when sitting for long and use the bare minimum time on the computer to check and respond to emails.

It is for the same reason that I am unable to visit the blogs that I visit regularly to leave comments.

My brother who has come to look after the home during my early convalescence has dug up all old photographs and is in the process of digitalizing them and that takes up a lot of computer time too. Just to give you a flavour, here is one taken forty years ago of our son Ranjan being carried by a professional carrier up to Karla Caves.

Rummuser Is Back In Action.

This is to thank all my friends who left comments wishing me well and speedy recovery. I have had a tough time catching up with the emails since three hours and have just gone through all the comments and emptied all the spams that had accumulated during my absence.

I hope that all of you will forgive me not responding to each comment individually.

The surgery was a resounding success. The tough part starts now. I am not allowed to put weight on my left leg and have to perforce use a walker for eight weeks. I had a bit of a problem navigating one raised step in the ground floor of our home after return from the hospital but since yesterday, I am able to manage that as well and so am now fairly independent. The round the clock attendant that I had been forced to employ will leave on the 11th after having cared for me the last one week. The hospital is sending a doctor and a nurse across tomorrow to remove the stitches from the surgical incision and I really look forward to a shower afterward.

I may not be able to blog every day for the next few weeks but shall try and do as much as I am able to as I recoup.

Thank you once again.