Some people
Try to turn back their odometers.
Not me!
I want people to know why
I look this way.
I’ve traveled a long way
And some of the roads weren’t paved.

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Thank you Shiva and Jagan.  The high number of visits were due entirely to you.

What keeps me going in this blog is the comments that I received from my readers.  I am grateful to all of them for their support and encouragement and join WordPress in saying a big thank you to these five regulars.

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Including this post, I have written 1898 posts.  Had I been a little more observant about my statistics, I would have certainly finished the year with a total of a round 1900. I will now aim to finish 2015 with a neat 2200 posts.

I wish all my readers a happy 2015.  May what you want the most be the least that you get. 

18 thoughts on “2014.”

  1. 🙁 Sob You forgot me. I’m a regular tho’ not as long standing as these others, all of whom I know from blogsphere.

  2. False economy, Ramana. You single out five of your regulars for a big thank you. I am not given to sulking – however there is always a first. And I shall forthwith sulk on behalf of all your unmentioned REGULAR commentators.

    However, hats off to Jean who is ever so prolific. How she finds the time in between Andy’s trees, chasing insurance companies and her daughter’s lost luggage is beyond me.

    Love you too, happy 2015,
    Ursula recently posted..Down under

  3. Having only recently discovered your blog, I look forward to reading and commenting in 2015. Happy New Year, to you and your blog, too!

  4. years ago i thought of india . . . whenever if ever i thought of india . . .
    as a mysterious huge and exotic place.
    it may still be that.
    but now it is beautiful to me. not the least because i now see it through rummy’s eyes and wisdom and wit.
    and i love it. and him!
    happy new year dear sean !!! you’re the best!
    as i write this . . . i certainly hope you are still asleep.
    it’s almost 2 in the afternoon here and almost 2 in the morning there?
    Happy New Year’s DAY!!! ♥
    tammy j recently posted..in case you wonder

    1. It is that and much more Tammy. I hope that you will visit and I shall personally ensure that you will get a much bigger bang for your buck than you would have otherwise. Thank you and a great Twenty Fifteen for you too.

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