My friend who is quite adept with Photoshop must have had some really free time from her usually busy schedule to have fantasised about me!  I am flattered and wish to share her fantasies so that you can understand the need for her to fantasise.

She must have been thoroughly bored with this avatar of mine.


So she decided that I should look like this.

She gave some more thought and was somehow not quite happy with what she got when she found this one.

Seeing such a holy and happy visage she decided that such a revered personality needs some Obeisance and produced something that she called Ob(ama)eisance.

I had no inkling about all the fantasising and was blissfully ignorant till she sent the images to me with much affection and hoped that I would not blow a gasket. I did not. How could I? Such amazing creativity and flattery! After the dust settled down, and I had posted these images on facebook to much comment and amusement, we spoke to each other and I promised to post an image that reflects the real me. No frills, no ego trips, nothing. Just plain old me.

Happy APR?

Mind Mapping.

Mind Map

The Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad, Alumni Association, Pune Chapter, held its Annual General Meeting yesterday.  Unlike the usual AGMs, this meeting also included a presentation by a fellow Alumnus Sirisha, a Leadership Coach, who introduced me and some other older alumni to the concept of Mind Mapping.

She informed us that the presentation would normally take three hours but considering the brain power in the room she reduced it to just over 45 minutes including brainstorming sessions to get a hands on feeling for the process which was very interesting.

We have submitted our work sheets to Sirisha and she has promised to get back to us with her feedback soon.

For me, it was a mindblowing learning experience and since this morning, I have used the technique to work my through a couple of problems.  It is very effective and I recommend it to my readers.

Review The Prince.


When I saw from the advertisements that there was a movie running with Bruce Willis and Jason Patrick, I called up my ever ready friend Ramesh to see if he would come with me for a morning show.  He was willing and we duly went to see The Prince this morning.  We were the only two serious film goers there among a total of eight persons in the audience.  The six others were actually three couples there for some other purposes.

Both Bruce Willis and Jason Patrick have more or less cameo roles and carry that out with some panache.  The lead played by John Cusack is a totally incredible performance consisting solely of his ability to kill people and keep going despite getting shot.  Other minor roles played by two young women and others add a bit of spice to the story line but were totally forgettable.  Two hotels or big office buildings totally occupied by gunmen only form the backdrop for the action and is testing one’s intelligence.

The sound effects as usual were too loud for me but I was prepared with industrial grade earplugs this time and so was not too disturbed.  The music score was totally incidental and nothing much to write home about.

But for a Sunday morning when I had nothing else to do, it was an outing worth spending some time on some action seeing, as incredible as it was.  So, while I do not regret the money and time spent, I cannot give more than [rating=2] for the film.  If you are an action movie / Bruce Willis fan, you can see it without expecting much from your hero.

Silent Screams – A Book Review.

Silent Screams

This is the first time ever that I bought and read a book of poems. I have always been a prose person reading both fiction and non-fiction and since the last few years more of the latter. I need to thank a friend Malathi, for putting me in touch with this genre. Having exposed myself to it I hope to read more of poetry.

The writer of this clearly delineated, two part anthology of poems aptly named Silent Screams, is a University Professor of English literature and this collection of her poems have been written over many years. The poems are all women-centric.

The poet captures moments as experienced by others but, observed by her and coats them with a veil of fiction. The women break rules and are quite daring. I have serious doubts that the author in real life is like that and therefore conclude that it is not autobiographical.  The poet skillfully takes the reader under the skin of the protagonists.  I suppose that poetry is meant to do that!

The women are shown fighting back against injustice so often heaped upon them. They do not indulge in self-pity. The subject of marital sex is handled with extraordinary sensitivity showing that sex within a marriage with no love involved is not acceptable. There also lonely souls in search of love for love’s sake who feel exhilarated on finding a little love even from strangers.

A couple of eerie dreamlike poems complete the first part.

Part II is a story told in verse form of a personality going back to previous births. The poet informs us that she was inspired to write this while in a trance after she had attended a regression session.

All in all, a book worth buying and savouring over many readings.

Are The Mystics Right, Is Time An Illusion?

illusionWhy only mystics? Even scientists now say that time is an illusion.

Every “thing” ie what can be called Reality, including time can exist only if there is a perceiver. No two perceivers see the same “thing”. The smallest matter that physicists have been able to perceive is ephemeral. If I sit with my girl friend, 30 minutes seem to fly away. If I sit with my mother in law, thirty minutes seems to be for ever!

Coming back to the perceiver, if there is no perceiver, there is no perceived and no perception. What is is just consciousness. When consciousness decides to use a tool like you and me, it lights that up and we perceive and there is experience.

But let us not get involved in that debate. Let us take a simple example.

It takes eight minutes for sunlight to reach the earth. The light of the nearest star to earth reaches us after 8 million years. In other words, we can not even know if that star exists ‘now’ or not.

If that does not prove that time is an illusion, I do not know what will.

This topic has been suggested by The Old Fossil for the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where currently six of us write on the same topic every Friday.  I hope that you have enjoyed my contribution to that effort.  The five other bloggers who write regularly are, in alphabetical order,  AshokgaelikaaMaxi, and Shackman and The Old Fossil. Do drop in on their blogs and see what their take is on this week’s topic. Since some of them may post late, or not at all this week, do give some allowance for that too!