Run All Night.


I was waiting for this film’s release since it was shown as a trailer in late February and I went to see it today before it is taken off our theaters. Two great actors, Liam Neeson and Ed Harris, one of them the star attraction ably supported by a new face Joel Kinnaman has everything an action movie should offer. Contrary to my experience with other good actors wasting their talents in action movies, here, both Neeson and Harris have plenty of scope to show off their histrionic skills. Throw in excellent direction, amazing camera work, tight editing with a first class storyline and you have a winner all the way.

Last month, I had read that Neeson would be quitting acting in action films and I was delighted. I really believe that he should do only roles where his acting skills can be displayed effectively. Seeing this film however has made me change my mind.

This kind of stories where some acting skills are also called for, have much to offer discerning viewers and I flatter myself that I am one! And this gets a full [rating=6] rating without the slightest hesitation.

I must also share some weird things that happened during the outing.  For one, yesterday, despite it being non peak hours both going to and coming from the theater was a trial for massive traffic jams. I suspect that there must have been either a big accident somewhere or some VVIP movement in the city.  I am glad that we did not drive and had taken autorickshaws.

When Manjiree went to the counter to purchase the tickets for the show, there was gentleman waiting who noticeably cheered up when he found out that we wanted to see this film.  Before our arrival, he was the only one wanting to see the film and the theater was reluctant to show the film for just one person.  That gent also remarked that he had seen me the day before yesterday at the theater to see The Gunman and was happy to see that I came to his rescue.  We introduced ourselves to each other after the show and look forward to getting to know each other better in the future.  It turned out that a few others trooped in later but I was surprised that for a movie of this caliber only such a handful of people turned up!

The Gunman.


How can I not go to a movie with Sean Penn in it?  And when the show timings are very convenient in the afternoon, it is cinch that I would go despite not knowing anything about any of the other actors, director, producers or anything else.

With that background, let me share my views on the film that I saw yesterday.  The leading lady Jasmine Trinca produces a very credible performance and I will certainly see any other films that will feature her.  And before I forget, Sean Penn delivers.

The film revolves around hanky panky that happens in Africa with mercenaries killing people and doing other nasty things to enable multinational corporations to exploit the mineral wealth there.  Sean Penn portrays one such mercenary who kills a Minister and then scoots to save himself and his employers from getting caught, in the bargain losing his lady love.

Years later, nemesis catches up with him and he is forced to return to his killing ways to not only save his own life but also his lady love’s and that part of the film is what Shackman calls the popcorn and action experience that keeps one glued to one’s seat.

All in all an entertaining afternoon particularly when it is all over and done with under two hours of theater time, and the film gets my usual [rating=5] rating for such action films.

How Old Is Old? II And Let’s Twist Again II.

Cathy from New Zealand is normally a sedate commentator but suddenly can come up with a googly or for my American readers, a curve ball.

She has given a link to a blog post that is simply amazing.  Suddenly, New Zealand is beginning to look very interesting.  They reached the finals of the ICC World Cup Cricket tournament last week after a remarkable pre finals matches.  In fact, my bet was on New Zealand winning the cup but Australia was simply too good.

I tried to buy the film on DVD from Amazon India without success but shall try and get it one way or the other.  Maybe by even getting my niece from NZ to buy it locally and to courier it to me.

Thank you Cathy.  You are incredible!